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Product Suite

FX(DBS designed products)

Premium Investment

Premium InvestmentA structured investment linked to an underlying currency (Risk Level P3). Wider variety of payoff such as Knock In and Knock Out Premium Investments are now available.

Currency Exchange

Currency ExchangeCurrency exchange can help diversify your portfolio risk and capture any upside opportunities. You can also maintain the liquidity of your capital depending on your needs.

Structured Products(DBS designed products)

Structured Investment Products

Structured Investment ProductsReturns from a Structured Investment Product are linked to the performance of an underlying financial instrument. These can range from interest rates, equities, market indices, fixed income instruments, foreign exchange and a combination of these.

Tracker Notes

Tracker NotesTracker Notes are linked to the performance of some underlying financial instruments. (for example an Exchanged Trade Fund or stock). Our QDII Tracker Notes are linked to Exchanged Trade Funds and mutual funds.

Equity Linked Notes – Convertible Notes

Equity Linked Notes – Convertible NotesEquity Linked Notes – Convertible Notes (Risk Level P4/P5) is a QDII product, which invests in overseas structure notes.

Equity Linked Convertible Non-Principal Protected Structured Investment Product

Equity Linked Convertible Non-Principal Protected Structured Investment ProductConvertible Equity Linked Non Principal Protected Structured Investment Product (Risk level P4/P5) is linked to overseas market with high investment risk. There is no guarantee on the principal or return amount under this product.

Gold Linked Notes – Convertible Notes (Basic Series)

Gold Linked Notes – Convertible Notes (Basic Series)Gold Linked Notes - Convertible Notes is a QDII product which is linked to the global gold price. The funds raised via this product will be invested in Offshore Product A which is linked to the performance of the Underlying Bullion (Gold).

QDII Wealth Management Product - Dispersion Note

QDII Wealth Management Product - Dispersion NoteEquity-Linked Structured Notes - Dispersion Note is a QDII offshore investment product that are investing in offshore structured notes.

Funds(including DBS designed offshore-UT and 3rd party onshore-UT )

Fixed Income Funds

Fixed Income FundsFixed income funds provide access to a diverse range of debt instruments. These funds invest in instruments managed by fund professionals and invest in instruments such as bonds, loans and asset-backed securities.

Balanced Funds

Balanced FundsA hybrid instrument combining equity and fixed income investments in a single mutual fund. By investing in both equity and debt instruments, its twin objectives are growth and income.

Equity Funds

Equity FundsEquity funds invest in securities. These funds usually have a particular focus: between growth and geography, by sectors or alternative investments. It could also be widely diversified to potentially achieve long-term capital gain.

Money Market Funds

Money Market FundsMoney market funds invest in short-term debt instruments such as repos, treasury bills and commercial paper, etc. Such securities may be issued by governments, municipalities or corporations.

QDII Product – Offshore Bonds

QDII Product – Offshore Bonds

QDII Product – Offshore BondsIt is a QDII product, from which you can get comparatively stable stream of investment return by investing in offshore bonds.